Silicon-based Technology was successfully selected into the "National List of Key Guarantee Enterprises for Epidemic Prevention and Control (First Batch)"



National "core" silicon-based support
Shenyang Silicon Base Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected
List of state-level key protection enterprises for epidemic prevention and control (first batch)
On February 28, 2020, according to the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Industry, Information Technology and Information Technology on Announcement of the List of Key Enterprises Guaranteed for the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic (First Batch)" (Gongxindian Guihan [2020] No. 33), Shenyang Silicon Ji Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected into the "National List of Key Guarantee Enterprises for Epidemic Prevention and Control (the first batch).
In 2020, a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus affects the hearts of the people across the country. As a national enterprise of the Republic’s eldest son, Silicon-based Technology assumes the mission of producing infrared temperature detectors and supporting parts in the prevention and control of this epidemic . The current national crisis shows the demeanor of a big entrepreneur. Take a responsibility to the country and society. In the face of the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the chairman of the group and the company’s leadership team were in danger and immediately organized the employees in Shenyang to resume work and production on the evening of February 14 to ensure the supply of epidemic prevention and control materials, and actively contribute with a strong sense of responsibility and mission. Strength, participate in the fight against the epidemic, produce high-tech and high-quality SOI products for scientifically fighting the epidemic, give full play to the important role of technology companies in the field of semiconductor SOI silicon materials, and transmit the determination to fight the epidemic in a timely and efficient manner. Win this battle without gunpowder as soon as possible and make unremitting efforts!
Silicon-based Technology has effectively responded to the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and relevant provincial and municipal departments at all levels to actively respond to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and resolutely do the actual work of comprehensively accelerating the resumption of work and production and serving the society, highlighting the national enterprise Responsible for the mission.
With the national entrustment and trust, and the expectations of the society, Silicon-based Technology has fulfilled its mission, implemented the production of SOI products against the epidemic, and did a good job in resuming production and epidemic prevention and control, and worked together with the people across the country. A solid fortress to fight the epidemic, watch the spring blossoms, and look forward to the final victory of the new crown pneumonia war!