The future development

Focusing on the long-term, the company is working on the current, while focusing on continuously improving the quality of TM-SOI products and serving customers, it is stepping up silicon germanium (GOI), strained silicon (sSOI) and gallium nitride on the insulating layer (GaN-on- Research on advanced materials of silicon substrate 4 such as insulator and silicon carbide (SiC) film transfer.

Company's development strategy
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Company development goals
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Shenyang Silicon Technology Co., Ltd. Based on the SOI technology platform, based on the Chinese semiconductor industry, strengthen the patent layout of SOI wafers, build a SOI silicon wafer standard system, promote the growth of the domestic high-end silicon material industry, and promote the improvement of the national high-end semiconductor industry chain to meet domestic and foreign The market demand for high-end silicon material SOI and the country's major strategic needs, and then become a professional, industrial, international SOI silicon material supplier.