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Demand position

· Equipment Engineer
Job requirements:
1. Professional degree or above in equipment management and equipment operation.
More than 2.1 years of experience in equipment management, equipment operation and equipment production process.
3. Can independently carry out equipment maintenance work; be familiar with the corresponding equipment software; master a variety of quality management system theory knowledge; have certain English ability; proficient operation of office software.
4. Have a good team spirit and strong coordination skills; good communication, organizational management skills; strong hands-on ability, hard work.
5. Familiar with the following equipment such as: Verian injection machine; TEL oxidation furnace; Mirra-ontrak; DGP8761; EVG bonding machine.

· R & D Engineer
Job requirements:
1. Fresh graduates, undergraduate, semiconductor, materials and related majors (microelectronics majors preferred);
2. Strong sense of responsibility, good communication skills and teamwork spirit;
3. Familiar with OFFICE software, with good English reading and writing ability;
4. Good resistance to pressure.

· Process Engineer
Job requirements:
1. Under 30 years of age, more than two years working experience in the semiconductor industry;
2, microelectronics, semiconductor physics, materials, chemistry, machinery and other majors, undergraduate and bachelor degree or above;
3, have professional microelectronics knowledge, familiar with semiconductor equipment, process, manufacturing and other related principles and processes, with strong analytical problems;
4. Familiar with the use of TS16949 related quality tools;
5, good English reading and writing skills, skilled use of office software;
6, with a strong spirit of cooperation and communication and coordination, proactive, strong learning ability, good logic analysis ability, can adapt to regular overtime!

· Electrician
Job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above;
2. Unlimited majors;
3. Have a high-voltage electrician certificate;
4. Have good learning ability and practical ability.

· Production Operator
Job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above;
2. Unlimited majors;
3. Have good learning ability and practical ability.

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