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SOI manufacturing technology


Silicon-based technology company, with independent intellectual property rights of TM - SOI film transfer technology, using the low temperature microwave hydrogen atmosphere will be injected particle activation, realize the industry's top transfer of silicon wafer bonding + film lobes process, manufacturing high quality, uniform film thickness of SOI wafers.

Film products include thin film SOI (device layer > 100 nm), ultrathin membrane SOI (device layer < 100 nm), and the application of RF chip Trap - rich SOI, behind the two products are in development.



Using the company's own TM - SOI film transfer technology and the combination of epitaxy technology, realize the TM - SOI wafers device layer thickening, manufacturing high quality epitaxial SOI wafers. At the same time, the extension technology can be combined with TM - SOI technology, preparation of 14 nm to 65 nm - nodes use sSOI, Ge advanced materials.


Bonded SOI

On the basis of traditional bonded SOI technology, processing equipment with high precision, better device layer thickness accuracy, so as to improve the uniformity on chip and improve product performance.


Shenyang silicon and customer cooperation processing subject of SOI, provided by the customer of substrate with graphics and for subsequent bonding, top the polishing process, form a complete structure.